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Alperstein & Associates, LLC Practice Areas

At Alperstein & Associates, LLC we defend individuals, businesses and insurance companies facing a variety of legal disputes. To discuss your legal options, contact a partner at any time.

The attorneys at Alperstein & Associates, LLC are committed to providing highly professional representation to our clients throughout Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. Our lawyers practice primarily in the following areas:

•Automobile Casualty
•Bad Faith & Extra Contractual Claims
•First Party Claims
•Premises Liability
•Commercial Litigation
•Insurance Fraud
•Contract Litigation
•Subrogation and Reimbursement
•Property and Coverage Disputes
•Business Litigation
•E&O Claims
•D&O Liability Cases
•Product Liability
•Fire Loss Cases
•Certain Environmental Claims

Notwithstanding the above practice areas, since the inception of our firm, we have specialized in representing transportation companies, (including, but not limited to, taxi cab and bus companies), as well as, their drivers in motor vehicle collision cases. Many issues arise in these lawsuits, involving late notice of the suit and/or of a judgment, a lack of cooperation from certain parties, whether the drivers are properly classified as independent contractors vs. employees, and/or other problems.  In addition, in such lawsuits, our clients may be entitled to co-insurance, indemnification and/or contribution from a co-insurer or co-defendant.  We are on the leading edge of such legal issues because we litigate them every day.  For this reason, we are highly qualified to advise what to do when such issues arise.

Even though our firm continues to specialize in representing transportation companies in motor vehicle collision cases, our firm’s experienced attorneys, as well as, its legal staff, are highly qualified by education and experience to handle all of the numerous types of lawsuits listed above.  In fact, our attorneys have helped pioneer the law in some of these areas.

For more information on Alperstein & Associates, LLC, please call: (215) 710-0690.  Alperstein & Associates is a law firm effectively and efficiently addressing the legal needs and solving legal problems of both businesses and individuals in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

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Areas of Practice
  • Civil Practice
  • Auto Insurance Defense
  • Premises Liability
  • Negligence
  • General Liability Defense
  • Civil Defense
  • Contract Litigation
  • Self Insured Defense
  • Trial Practice
  • Personal Injury
  • Real Estate Contracts
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