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The Alperstein & Associates Team

Alperstein and Associates, LLC is primarily a defense firm located in Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our attorneys have made insurance defense and defense of business entities the primary focus of our practice. Insurance companies and businesses have trusted us with their claims, their insureds, and their livelihood for years.  Given our business background, we fully understand and willingly accept the responsibilities associated with our representation of your insurance company and/or business.

If you want sound legal advice and significant trial experience when it counts, contact us to discuss how we can best achieve your desired goals.

All of the attorneys listed below provide timely answers to your legal inquiries and other correspondence, and are committed to taking an aggressive approach toward opposing counsel as well as their clients.  

For more information on Alperstein & Associates, LLC, please call: (215) 710-0690.  Alperstein & Associates is a law firm effectively and efficiently addressing the legal needs and solving legal problems of both businesses and individuals in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Philadephia Auto Accident Attorney
Is someone you know being sued for a slip and fall or other premises liability case? Look no further…

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Philadephia Defective Product Attorney
Are you involved in an insurance dispute and need immediate assistance? We can help...

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Philadephia Defective Product Attorney
Do you need help buying or selling a home? If so please call us for a free consultation...

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Areas of Practice
  • Civil Practice
  • Auto Insurance Defense
  • Premises Liability
  • Negligence
  • General Liability Defense
  • Civil Defense
  • Contract Litigation
  • Self Insured Defense
  • Trial Practice
  • Personal Injury
  • Real Estate Contracts
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